"The practice of yoga fills up the reservoirs of
hope and optimism within you. It helps you
overcome all obstacles on the path to perfect
health and spiritual contentment. It is rebirth.

- BKS Iyengar

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Inner Wisdom Yoga & Reiki Healing


Telephone: 011 
Costa Rica
                   Cell  8401 3741

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PRIVATE CLASSES:    $50 per 1 hour  single class
                                        5 pack of Private Classes $200 -  ($40 per class)

Benefits of One to One Class -   All of our bodies are unique with their own set of positive and negative tendancies.   These tendancies can lead to growth and strength or pain and injury.   Through a private class one will learn to identify and work with their unique bodies to change for the positive and get direct aid and focus on problem areas and issues as well as direction on how to move ones practice ahead.   They are a wonderful complement to your group classes.

DUETS (2 people) :            $60

REIKI SESSION:           $50 per hour  for a single session
                                        5 Treatment Pack - $200 - $40 per session
                                         Reiki for dogs - 
                                         $25 for 30 minute session
                                          4 Treatment session - $80
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Call for appointment:    8401 3741



Iyengar Yoga, developed by BKS Iyengar, is a safe & systematic technique of yoga postures taught to develop strength, stamina, concentration and body alignment. Focus is placed on training the body to stand and move in physical alignment which results in less muscular tension, creating space for the health  of internal organs. Strength of the body (muscular, nervous system, organs, immune system) as well as strength of character, flexibility and increased poise are main benefits. Iyengar teachers complete at minimum 3 years of rigorous training followed by 2 levels of testing with a minimum of one year study in between tests. It requires dedication, passion and desire to put you in good hands with willing hearts.  Poses are taught with clear verbage, demonstration and props if needed to help one into the posture.

One’s mind is trained to focus. Both mind and body feel quiet yet clear from this cleansing practice. Mostly it's FUN and makes one feel happy!

"Iyengar yoga classes with Francesca are a highlight of my week. I am becoming more flexible in many ways!"
- n.s. (student)

"Francesca Matichak is the most holistic yoga teacher I have had the pleasure of working with. She is educated and trained in Iyengar yoga and takes care to teach with precision. She does not just teach the Yoga Asanas (poses), nor does she use yoga as a form of exercise, as some yoga studios now do, but rather she models the Asanas and teaches the sacred principles (sutras) of Yoga.  Francesca is an inspired teacher who in turn inspires her students to live by the sacred principles of the practice of Yoga."
- l.s. (student)

"You will find Francesca to be an intrinsic teacher, meaning that her expectation for you is to challenge yourself while accepting help as needed with the goal to be your own independent practitioner. She is a role model for the body and mind experience, caring not only for the health and well being of your physical being but also for the spiritual. She “walks the talk” and inspires us to do the same. 
- cc (student)

Inner Wisdom Yoga & Reiki Healing is an Iyengar yoga school,  inspired by love and the intention to share the life-changing benefits of Iyengar Yoga, the ancient practice of meditation and healing energy of Reiki.    Retreats are held in Boothbay Maine and River Forest, IL in addition to Costa Rica.

It is owned by Francesca, a dedicated Iyengar yoga practitioner since 1991, who has embraced meditation as a daily practice for over 30 years.

As a certified Iyengar instructor, Francesca is committed to continued development of her own practice through higher education for personal growth and as support to her students. She provides a comfortable, non-competitive and nurturing environment. Each class is a unique, interesting and inspiring experience.  She stresses working at your appropriate pace but also encourage you to reach a bit higher than your self-imposed limits.
We always surprise ourselves!!





Thursday September 24 - Sunday September 27th,


Saturday February 14th and Sunday 15th, 2015


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photo by Dan Lipow